Complicity is the newest album by The Lyre Effect, a duo including Stuart Armitage (UK) and myself (U.S.):

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Broken by Heather Arneson


Growth by Heather Arneson-web 2

Untitled for web by Heather Arneson

Winter by Heather Arneson-colored pencil and mixed media web.jpg


Meloncholia by Heather Arneson-watercolor.jpg

Meggie by Heather Arneson-pen web.jpgUnfinished Lives web.jpg

Her Glass Radio web.jpgHoliday of Religion by Heather Arneson-oil and acrylic web .jpg

Art Attack by Heather Arneson-pencil, pen, and colored pencil sketch web.jpg+ Green Ship by Heather Arneson-watercolor web.jpgDancer-photo by Heather Arneson copy

ideas by heather arneson web

Humanity by Heather Arneson-oil on canvas board-thumbnail

Water Spirit (below) was chosen for a past Hopkins Art Exhibit:


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