The Pseudo Movie Reviewer: Take Four

Meet the Trumps From Immigrant to President (2007)

Directed by Paul Berczeller and Mark Radice

Review by Heather Arneson

Like the documentary about the Trumps, I will try to make this review short and sweet. I’ve never really fully-understood what Trump said, nor accepted the glimmer of hail-storms from the neo-nazis regarding his presidency. But I have found some sick entertainment in President Trumps’ antics, and this has started out as anguish and shock. I am honest, and some of you democrats and republicans alike will not be happy about my opinion that I now believe that Donald Trump is a comedian. He is like a blowhard from an 80’s movie in an infomercial that sways unsuspecting people from home into believing in his politics, and everyone gets a Trump shirt or MAGA hat for free if they buy his product. Jokes aside, he makes me laugh, and even the sensitive narrator helps urge us towards world peace with his soothing empathetic tone regarding an individual many have grown to hate, or blindly love. Either way, you can’t ignore him. And there is no denying his set-up of stating he will run for President, then years later he delivers the punchline with his sworn oath, well that is just comic gold!

This portrayal of The Trumps reminds me that we all have ties to our family that, if necessary, we will work for them in order to help our loved ones, even if it is not our dream job. I understand how what you are born into does play a part in what you choose to do with your life and we can’t judge too much, even if it eventually inspires a 350-pound woman to wear a MAGA mumu proudly, on her front lawn, while guarding her firearms and truck. However, would Donald siphon gas for her if she was stuck on the side of the road? I wonder if either one would have a mask on them, and even laugh about it together. I don’t know, but he would probably call AAA or tow her to her destination. That’s the kind of President he is!

And if you’re a terrorist of politics, please remember that you too could get a free MAGA hat if you sign up for his lifetime political membership from the convenience of your own home.

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