Information for those wanting movie reviews:

I understand why you want your movie reviewed. Also, I know myself and I have a busy schedule like you, and the need for a secure internet connection. Okay that’s not really possible if we are all being honest, but I don’t need viruses, so if you want your movie reviewed, please do the following: a) please let me know the title of the movie b) let me know if it’s available on YouTube, Vimeo or both so I can do a search for it c) if those first two are in order, please give me a month to review it and I will if I can, but no guarantees. d) NO LINKS. I’ve tried this method with people and it doesn’t ever seem to work. I have strict settings, I guess, but that is the way I like it. e) check back in a little over a month.

Remember, since I am a Pseudo Movie Reviewer, this is not my day job and I’ve created movies myself, so know how much work and pride goes into even so-so work. I will never bash yours, but may have a few snarky quips. This is just purely for entertainment. When I made my own movies, I even created fake bad reviews for myself. It’s just fun to be bitchy sometimes, but only if it’s in good humor or if someone really deserves it, in my opinion. Of course, I still like my movies, because every step is a learning process and I had fun making them. Love, Heather

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