Take Seven: All Monsters Attack (1969)

Janus Films; screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa, music by Kunoo Miyanchi, theme music by Gendai Kano and Shinichi Sekizawa.

A good tagline for this movie would be Neverending Story meets Godzilla. All Kinds of monsters appear in this foray back into childhood, including a pimply reptilian unicorn, a Godzilla knock-off with surprisingly expressive eyes, a huge beautiful purple-eyed spider, mangy human bullies, and Japanese sex traffickers. With the splashy spy/punk music and bright colors, not to mention trippy T-Rex lizards, I could not recommend this more for a party where you are just getting high on life to the point you might be getting nauseous. I’ll let you fill in the details. The intro is like one long cool music video, with some violent gigantic toy monsters who blow smoke, spew webs which is not very peaceful all the time, but good for the inner little boys in all of us. Also, it would be an instant treasure for furry lovers. You know who you are, but I could never recognize you. You are good at hiding like the main character, Ichiro. He is cute as a button and learns about standing up for himself against bullying. Much like Sebastian in the Neverending Story, he has a dark path ahead of him, and although he roots for Godzilla he is overall a good kid with an inspiring tale to tell. Just as I thought the movie was a bit too young for me, it would turn me around to face the fact we all have inner children we need to look out for.

Review by Heather Arneson, The Pseudo Movie Reviewer.

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