Although it wasn’t until adulthood Heather Arneson started to view herself as an artist, her untrained eye developed as an amalgamation of expressing her paranoia for the ills of the human race as well as trying to understand how to cure it by exploring her passion for creating artwork.  She doesn’t concentrate on any certain medium, as the timing of producing a piece is just as important to her as the work itself.

Early in her career, she gave art away to various art shows, including charity events, and built up confidence by positive audience response.  This encouraged her to pursue it further by submitting her work to competitions, like Brick by Brick, in which her found art piece was chosen to be displayed on a banner on First Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis.

In 2011, she had pieces featured in the Reveries show at Echo Art Gallery.  Recently, her painting “Water Spirit” was chosen by a juried panel to be exhibited at Hopkins Art Center in Minnesota, in the fall of 2017.  She hopes to make people feel alive and human in a world that encourages others to constantly feast their senses on technology and work as if we all have circuit-breakers.

Artist Statement

Creation is a part of what I am, and the fact that I create is just a small part of how I contribute to my existence.  I like to draw, paint, sketch, write, edit music videos, sing, etc.  I just find expressing myself to be necessary and the right thing to do.  In a world where people hide behind computers, phones and iPods, the need to have my own voice heard or positive thoughts validated is of extreme importance to me.

I remember one of the first paintings I did was when I was around 5 or 6 years of age, and I took beet juice my mom left out on a countertop for dinnertime and hand-painted a skyscape.  The fact that I don’t have a photographic memory and remember that reveals to me how much of an impact I can make, even if it’s just for my own personal mental health, as it’s a happy association I’ll always cherish.  The joy I get from creating is beyond therapeutic.

I’ve had poetry published online, art exhibited in galleries, and my band The Lyre Effect recently released our third album, Paraíso.  I know for a fact that what we see in this world is largely illusion, but how we make others feel is how we as humans can show our love that is more powerful.  I hope my artwork speaks to you, and heals you through any reaction you may have.

-Heather Arneson

Special Notes:

We live in a world where people in powerful positions promote fast communication via new technology, without providing the proper tools along with it that foster productive and assertive ways for humans to express themselves to one another.  This is highly irresponsible, as many parents do not teach love at home. Many times, kids are left to his or own devices on how to learn assertiveness and constructive communication in an environment where people are apathetic, and this leads to depression, a mind overloaded with information without the means to wade through it all via a healthy thinking process.

One’s soul and self-esteem are interlinked, I believe, and one can be ego-less, but how can the soul thrive as it should in a place with too  many people constantly blasting what he or she thinks without first contemplating it, nor supporting others’ natural and beautiful ability to imagine and think for themselves?  Here is an interesting article that I thought was inspiring:  https://trmj.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/10395/

With data being streamed by anyone who has the ability to own a computer, be careful of mobbing.  It is painfully obvious to me that there are far too many people who do not think for themselves, nor that are in tune with Good.  I know from first-hand experience, yet it will not stop me from expressing my soul through creative expression: https://www.targetedjustice.com/  

A little joke, based on this feeling-I wrote a while back:

Q: What did the rule book say to the porcupine? 


A:  I feel like a lot of pricks are trying to read me.  

Mantra/prayer I wrote that you can use and share with others:

Dear Lord,

Please give me clarity to move past my pain

And live again

And the strength to be

Who I want to see


I want to cultivate my life as being safe, happy, and sound in structure. I want to have the wisdom to know that life will have its ups and downs, but I can weather these with a healthy sense of purpose. I want to be aware, assertive, and positive, no matter what. I want the elements of fire and water to co-mingle and exist in me harmoniously, so that my emotions flow naturally and refresh me, without scorching myself or others. I do not want my spirit to be extinguished by my own passion, rather I want to be replenished by it. I want to grow, learn, and be a part of the current of life’s cycle contentedly. I want to treat others as worthy human beings with my thoughts, words, and actions. I want to be courteous to myself and remember these words. I want to be altruistic and share these words with others.

-Heather Arneson

Because of ROPE, some bad law enforcement workers feel justified in following everyone with a suspected mental illness, substance abuse problem or any kind of psychological sickness/disease, even if the individual they are targeting has NO HISTORY of being a criminal, whatsoever.  Know your rights, including your human right to privacy, especially if you are not a serious offender in the criminal system’s database.  Those gang-stalkers might as well put on a shirt with the scarlet letter (for a-hole), in my opinion.  

TO THE GUILTY, JUDGMENTAL ONES who would gladly nail Jesus to the cross if he were alive today:  look at yourself in the mirror if you are a silly masquerader in life-only fighting for hamburgler justice for your supreme leader (which can only be the devil).  You are evil.  Artists and good individuals are just trying to survive and be themselves alone–you are hurting and not helping the cause.  I’ll even give you warranted advice, because you are part of what I call “ear pollution” on a massive scale: going on a murderous gossip-spree won’t make you interesting, just pathetic.  And “murderous” is an apt term, because many victims of social harassment, gang-stalking, etc. become suicidal.  What would your supreme leader say to that?  Congratulate you, and usher you into hell where you belong.  If this inevitability (if you keep doing what you’re doing) doesn’t seem kosher to you, then get a hobby.  I write, draw or paint, sew sometimes, etc. creating is therapeutic and if you’re feeling insecure within yourself and your soul is shaky, simply create.  God gave us this ability and if you think you are G-D like already, then prove it.  Don’t continually put the “ass” in harassment.  Do some good in the world and support artists like myself, who do not make much money.  Set an example to your children, if you have any (G-D forbid)…

Please look up FISA, ROPE, POPs or the 702 collection.  In 2008, Congress passed revisions to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Basically, anyone who is different, has mental illness, is black, female, an artist, or has a documented substance abuse problem (from trying to get treatment) becomes more vulnerable to gang stalking.  What happened to health laws mandating privacy?  I think these gang stalkers are the criminals, and doing illegal activity.  Where there is smoke, there is likely fire.  

If you’re different than other people, and a good angel (no matter what you look like nor how much money you make) you are in my prayers.  Please protect yourself with the knowledge of what some people in the CIA, NSA or FBI or your local law enforcement might be leaking about you on a daily-basis.  Not everyone in authority is a bad person, but like in any profession, there are bad apples.  Be aware of this, please, for your own peace of mind.  I know when I found out about the justice for targeted individuals movement, I felt reassured.  I knew I wasn’t crazy in feeling the way I did and wasn’t clinically paranoid.  Please let others in your world know about FISA, ROPE, POPs and the 702 collection.

Take care,


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