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Spammers/phishers (will not be tolerated). Funny, I did a little test and took away the requirement to fill out contact information, and received more messages than I ever had before from spammers. So, I put that requirement back on, as I do not want that anymore. Here are some words to weed out the undeserving parties, because anyone with a mind and genuine interest in the written word (either to provide constructive criticism and/or appreciation) would be willing to read what I wrote below.  Also, I expressed my feelings about the type of people I am sick of in the world, and ANYONE else who has passion for creating or helping those that do, are welcome to contact me.


By Heather Arneson



Satisfaction with one blink

Torches you pass to burn

On and on softly spoken

Passive-aggressive blissful hate

Are you employed by the government

Or just living off someone else’s funds?

Baby in a crib

Rocking no work

Idle like a full insect

Only type of life you have left

Is based on human reaction?

Think for yourself

You can’t make a double-negative into

Something spectacular

One miracle gone awry

Like a fly attaching to a blue-spun orb

Vehement with a lie

Hubris cannot cradle you

Insults will not save you

Take a life to heaven

Writing with passion

Loving to listen

To make the world suffer less

Don’t you want to suffer less?

Kill the ignorance

Whatever you meant it means sorrow

If you scorch the dreams that could change tomorrow.



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