I own and operate both entities, The Inkubator Production Company and Hearteur Naturals, LLC, and we’ve produced original works that are free and online to view; these are more intended for an adult audience, as is this site.   Please check out my menu options for previews of my work.  I am sorry, but I cannot do unsolicited movie reviews right now.


Chain Links

By Heather Arneson

Chain links
Around the world
Glittering, steely stillness
Fell out of hope
Morals in the gutter
Curtailed by clutching freedom
Rich man greed
Cult-like apparatus
I thought I could connect
In between the gutters spent up
At my morals
Forcing them to think
Blind sighted by a vision so far upwards
Always on the brink

They decide the outcome
They brush off their shoulders like it was
The dirt of innocent youth
They learn so quickly of
Those new souls
Crawling to get a name
I already have one
They can’t compete with that fortune
I can claim

My dreams and my beginning will never be yours

I want no part of you, nor your decisions ever
Choking to get a name



[Album image by Margaron]

The Lyre Effect is an experiment bringing poetry and music together through two unique perspectives, including Stuart Armitage “The Ambient Punk” and Heather Arneson “The Raving Lyre.”   St. Paul musician and producer Robert Romani originally recorded some of Heather’s poetry, and after she posted the work on myspace, this caught the attention of Stoo, a seasoned drummer and music producer. They began collaborating in the fall of 2006, spurring The Lyre Effect.  If  unsettling ambient electronic rock and bittersweet broken soul poetry piques your interest, please listen here: https://thelyreeffect.bandcamp.com or “like” us: https://www.facebook.com/thelyreeffect

Below is our music video for “Imperial Fortress,” directed by Jason Schumacher.

The Lyre Effect · Birth


Her Glass Radio (aka Heather Arneson’s original music) came out with its debut album, Fake, online and that can be found on Soundcloud or Spotify.  This includes tracks


Here are some tracks I wrote, originally released on CD Baby and now on Bandcamp (free to stream and you can buy and download).  Also, please check out Her Glass Radio on Spotify and add my tracks to your playlist :).

Her Glass Radio on Bandcamp https://herglassradio.bandcamp.com/album/fake-2

Her Glass Radio · Fake Very Little Effort remix

Her Glass Radio · Issues

Her Glass Radio · Fake

Her Glass Radio · Conduit


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