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The Inkubator Production Company was founded around 2005, and we started as a writing group that would meet in libraries in the Twin Cities area (not to be confused with a similarly-titled writing group that began after us).  We released the modern silent film Necessary Lubrication in 2008, which was shown at various Minnesota film festivals.  In 2009, we featured the short comedic movie, A Fraud, written by Eric Ferguson, Heather Arneson and Jon Pederson (improvisations); this was a comedic exploration of the 1930’s gangster era.  It earned many funny votes on and was part of a short comedic film presentation.

MN Shorts was a film festival funded by our company, with the help of the Rogue Buddha Gallery:  This was a fun exercise in bringing the local community of filmmakers and crew together, while providing a platform for magicians and various other entertainers.

Music videos such as Birth by The Lyre Effect were shot, directed and edited by the founder, Heather Arneson.  Also, The Monster Day Care was produced and shot as a pseudo-P.S.A. about who to avoid in society.

*We care about collaboration, mutual respect between artists, and creating inspiring works.  Even though we love our audience, we don’t stick to one formula with our process.


To view our short films and videos, please visit:

The Inkubator Production Company YouTube Channel


A Fraud Part 1 by The Inkubator Production Company


A Fraud Part 2 by The Inkubator Production Company


Necessary Lubrication by The Inkubator Production Company


Monster Day Care (PSA) by The Inkubator Production Company


An Autograph by The Inkubator Production Company


Until  by Heather Arneson, produced by The Inkubator Production Company

Whatever is popular is not always what is best. It’s amazing what a little hate sprung from ignorance can do, when spoken lightly. Time is relative and we all are vulnerable to being played by evil forces. Interest in money and its hand in business is most likely to be the reason behind it. Remember to think for yourself, with your heart, and that will lead you to what is true; it won’t be always what is popular. It’s up to you to decide which is more important: doing what is right or what everybody else does/in line with the status quo. Use your free will to not support war mongering and profiteering. That, to me, is progress for all human kind. Thanks for watching my vids! -Heather Arneson

Crossings By Heather Arneson, produced by The Inkubator Production Company

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